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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
01 - Nov
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Where:Mentor Graphics Inc., 46871 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, California, United States
Course Description: Are you an engineer who wants to design intelligent computer vision systems that learn from complex or large-scale datasets? Would you like to build your visual AI development skills?   Get the hands-on knowledge you need to develop deep learning computer vision applications—both on embedded systems and in the cloud—with TensorFlow, today's most popular framework for deep learning.   Prerequisites: The class covers deep learning for computer vision applications using TensorFlow 2.0. We assume that: You know the basics of deep learning algorithms and concepts for computer vision, including convolutional neural networks. You know the basics of the Python programming language You do not know TensorFlow or TensorFlow 2.0 To make sure you're up to speed on Python, please review sections 1-5 of this online Python tutorial before class:   Agenda:The class runs 9 am to 5 pm with lunch and breaks. The class is a combination of lecture and lab exercises using Jupyter Notebooks. We cover the following topics: Introduction to AI, machine learning, and TensorFlow 2.0 Neural networks in TensorFlow Linear regression Shallow image recognition Deep image recognition Convolutional neural networks Data set creation and augmentation Off-the-shelf network architectures; transfer learning Object detection TensorFlow Lite Logistics:You will need to bring a laptop with WiFi and a Chrome or Firefox browser. All the lab work will be done in the cloud using Jupyter Notebooks, so you will not need to install any software on your laptop.   Registration Terms and Conditions: This class is presented by the Embedded Vision Alliance, an industry association of companies developing and using computer vision technology. By registering for this class you agree to the following terms and conditions: Your contact information may be used by the Alliance to inform and update you with information about activities of the Alliance and its Members and m
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