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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
07 - Oct
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Where:Mission2Mars.Academy, 101 Jefferson Drive , Spaces Coworking space, Menlo Park, California, United States
As of today, China is the world's largest economy (accouding to the International Monetary Fund ranking in 2019)   China has 1.38 billion people, more than any other country in the world, China is also an emerging innovative ecosystem for tech companies, it produced such world famous tech success stories as Alibaba, Baidu, Wechat.All that makes China the most desirable market for tech entrepreneurs. This program, co-organized by Mission2Mars.Academy Accelerator in Silicon Valley and CBE Oriental Hub based in China, is providing you a unique opportunity to learn about China's innovative ecosystem of 3 major cities:  Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing,  visit local large IT companies and smaller startups, meet representatives of tech Industry's regulators and leaders of China's business associations, explore opportunities on Chinese market for your business, build important connections and relationships, find local partners, draft your strategy for expanding to China's market and off couse dive into this unique country's rich and exotic culture.  CHINA's TECH TOUR AGENDA:  DAY 1. Arrival and Cultural Sightseeing in Shanghai  Shanghai is the major finance and economy center of China, with its dynamic economy and impressive conglomerate of headquarters of worlds' largest IT, finance and investment companies. You will discover Shanghai's culture and entrepreneurship.  Arriving in Shanghai, Airport pickup and hotel check-in Cultural Sightseeing program in Shanghai  Welcome Dinner and Program Briefing DAY 2. Visits to Shanghai Iconic IT Companies and  Local IT Associations • Breakfast • Morning meetup and information session• Shanghai iconic IT companies visit 1 : GDS (the leading Cloud and digital technologies services provider)• Team Lunch • Shanghai iconic IT companies visit 2 : Ctrip (the biggest OTA in China)• Shanghai Information Services Association Visit• Local cuisine tasting: Dinner in Shanghai restaurant DAY 3. Visits to Hangzhou&
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