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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
03 - Oct
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Where:Menlo Park, Nealon Park 800 Middle Ave., Menlo Park, California, United States, 94025
FROM START TO EXIT  2 Day Startup Incubation and Acceleration Program in Silicon Valley    About This Program:  The "From START to EXIT" course was designed to give entrepreneurs and startups a deep dive into the world of what it takes to build a successful company in Silicon Valley.  You will learn the best practices from Silicon Valley on how to build a successful startup, approach investments, navigate deals, craft your plan of action, and grow your business to Exit.  This course provides a full overview of basic and advanced tools all startups need to know in order to CRAFT,  FUND, and GROW a sustainable financially profitable technology-based company.   What You Will Learn: The basics of CRAFTing an early-stage startup. Creation of a new business venture and bringing a product to market. Working with investors/FUNDing -- "pitching" them and structuring the right deal. Once funded/GROWing -- managing and growing the business and finally exiting (reaping the return).  Who Should Attend:   All global startups and startup teams willing to learn best practices and most practical tools of starting a startup in Silicon Valley.   DAY 1 AGENDA: Craft In the first section CRAFT, you will learn how to think about the general process of building a successful new business venture, the thinking (‘right' market timing in addressing a significant problem with compelling solution — the basis of a startup). It will cover product development process, gaining market traction, how to think about the business model, and adjusting. Along with marshaling the right team at the right time. Fund The second section FUND will address creating and structuring an exciting albeit thoughtful story, the business plan, as a ‘page turner'. It will cover the investment fundraising process from the perspective of the investors — timing, risk/reward management, due diligence. It will cover what ultimately is most important, market timing.   DAY 2 AGENDA:   Grow The third section GROW will
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