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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
30 - Oct
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Where:CenturyTheatres (20-PLEX), 1010 Great Mall Drive, Milpitas, California, United States
Come join us for a very special screening of The Milpitas Monster on October 30, 2019! Directed by Robert Burrill, The Milpitas Monster is a classic horror movie that was filmed 43 years ago. The story is centered upon a creature who is formed by pollution and terrorizes Milpitas residents. If you haven't seen the film yet, or even if you have, come out and enjoy a night out to celebrate 43 years, and to have a great time with friends and community. And it's always pretty fascinating to see the film and notice all the streets and old landmarks of Milpitas during the seventies! The Milpitas Beat ( will be sponsoring this event. We have a fun schedule of festivities planned for the evening. If you'd like to just come for the film screening, which starts at 7:15pm (theater doors open at 6:30pm), please do so! Or come for the other parts of our program which include: 4 pm: Optional dinner is available at the Milpitas Outback Steak House, 50 feet from the theater, at 1246 Great Mall Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035. Each Dinner needs to be ordered before 5:00 pm. It is sold for $20 with a Special MM Menu prepared by Manager James Colby and includes a choice of a soft drink. Dinner is to be paid on site to The Milpitas Monster. E-Tickets can be collected by the customers during Dinner from The Milpitas Monster Movie Makers. 6:15 pm: Krazy George, the Monster's Mascot, is leading his classic Milpitas Monster-Cheer towards the Theater, to keep everyone awake, in order, unafraid and smiling… 6:30 pm: Theater X will open its gate, and the remaining "E-Tickets" will be distributed by The Milpitas Movie Makers outside the gate. 7:00 pm: Opening statement by the Milpitas Monster Producer and Director, and the Milpitas Monster Movie Makers; The Milpitas Beat will also be represented. 7:15 pm: The Milpitas Monster Movie starts. 8:45 pm: Raffle tickets - Prizes will consist of one (1) MM DVDs provided by the Monster, one (1) "Krazy George" book provided
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