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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
02 - Oct
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Where:AWS offices in A9.Com Inc building, 130 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto, California, United States, 94301
Voice interfaces are everywhere these days, in smart homes, phones, cars and a range of everyday products. But we are still in the early days of finding the most effective design solutions, which form both a design and technology challenge. Users have higher expectations when they interact with voice interfaces because they intuitively compare it to communicating to other humans. Join us for a transformative panel discussion on how companies like Google, Amazon, VMware, and Chase approach designing voice user interfaces. Learn about future trends, fundamental principles of designing VUI, how they relate to designing traditional GUI, and how you can apply these in your own work. Thank you to Zendesk for being a great partner and hosting our Designing Products Series! About Designing Product Series: Join AIGA and a panel of leading Product Designers in the Bay Area to discuss how the digital design field has evolved into a holistic product discipline. Many people hear the word product and think of a toothbrush or a toaster and when they hear product designer, they think industrial design. However, the Bay Area is full of great product companies that design and build many types of products from computers, to speakers, to thermostats, to websites and to apps. These products bring together a variety of designers to create something people can see, touch and use. Whether you're an industrial designer, user experience designer, interaction designer, graphic designer, illustrator or user researcher, if you're working on a product or product team, you're a Product Designer. This series breaks down the silos of design disciplines and celebrates the evolution of product design as a multi-disciplinary field. Speakers:  Zhaochang He, Senior Product Designer at VMwareZhao is an active blogger and speaker for UX + AI topics like Conversational AI and Machine Learning. She teaches Conversational UX Design Workshop at conferences like UX STRAT. Previously she worked at Walmart Labs
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