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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
24 - Oct
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Where:Angelica's, 863 Main Street, Redwood City, California, United States, 94063
Bell Stage Main Dining Room

Playing Songs From The Great American Song Book

Ann is an artist whose time has finally come. Allow her to transport you to another world. A world where scatting and improvisations are second nature and swinging with rhythms and melodies while staying true to the meaning of each composition becomes effortless. Listen and celebrate this jazz artist extraordinaire as she shares her first love and passion…the gift of song.

Ann Marie Santos (Vocalist) "Sing A Song With Passion" is her debut CD in the USA.  A seasoned jazz vocalist, she has recorded extensively in the Philippines.  Her career began officially at the tender age of six.  Her father--composer, arranger, and jazz pianist--and her mother, a well-known jazz singer, instilled in her a love of music tempered with the discipline of piano and vocal studies at the University of Santo Thomas.  In her teens, Ann Marie won the prestigious Star Search of Asia Award.  She expanded on this and other early achievements by obtaining roles on established television shows in Manila, where she started as a Tele-Ad Television Promo for advertising and often became a regular guest artist on television and continued on performing at the Hyatt, Mandarin, Manila Hotels in Manila. She signed with Black Gold and Villar Records and recorded many of her own compositions.

Every musical project has an evolutionary process and Ann Marie's project is no exception.  An established vocal coach, she has dedicated her time to teaching her passion, her love of singing, to students of all ages for many years.  Recording and developing her career in a new country without the extensive support system she experienced in the Phiippines as an established recording artist was a daunting task.

Undeterred, she began to network, to perform in clubs such as The Scottish-Rite Theatre, Savanna Jazz Club, Yoshi's, etc. and many other events in the San Francisc
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