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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
02 - Nov
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Where:Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, Redwood Shores, B, Redwood City, California, United States
We provide the venue, the people, a social notebook, and an opportunity to connect! Parents and supporters come but do not actively participate; we recruit volunteers to support participants and to facilitate interaction. If your participant is only able to be at ease with you at their side, we welcome you to join the table as well! We do expect parents and supporters to monitor the participant's safety should they need that level of support. The BFF Project events are not single-topic event or opportunity. There may be a card game happening, video game reviews, and other things occurring all at the same time! It is all based on the interests of all the people participating. This is a judgment-free and stigma-free environment. Participants have the opportunity to grow in their relationships and find companionship with others that share their interests. Our person-centered approach means that you or the individual you support will be alongside peers sharing and talking about their interests with each other. At the event parents/caregivers stay on site, in the same room but at separate tables, Offering reassurance to the participants in this new setting. If your participant needs you at their table for a bit to get comfortable, that's okay too. Have your child/client bring items to share that speak to their interests. Many of the participants are quiet and observant during their first event, followed by a great desire to participate. The majority of individuals attending need no support to participate. They should be ready to make connections with others who share their interests. We have had people attend that have autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabiliteis and those with head injuries. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR EACH EVENT MAXIMUM ATTENDANCE IS 20 PARTICIPANTS If your son or daughter has mental health support needs, we recommend NAMI of Santa Clara County or the county in which you live.
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