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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
03 - Oct
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Where:LB Steak, 324 Santana Row, San Jose, California, United States
A Frank Conversation with Businesswomen about Vulnerability, Support & Competition It doesn't matter your role, profession or industry, this conversation is for you. The context of business is new to most women and the more you learn its nuances, the more productive and professional you will be. When we understand how to navigate producing results AND building relationships, we are the best salespeople, employees, managers and leaders.   Join us for a frank conversation on how to interact well in business, especially for those of us in male dominated arenas. You will learn a new point of view, boost your confidence and be empowered to engage more fully.   The panelists will share stories and examples to reassure you, validate and transform your understanding of yourself and others. VULNERABILITY: Why we're compelled to conceal as if we have something to hide or over-share and get accused of drama and TMI! SUPPORT: We'll talk about the 2 types of support depending on what mode you're in. This will help you understand how to feel more supported. COMPETITION: We'll distinguish the difference between Masculine and Feminine competition. This will shed light on why we fear other's judgment of us. Our Panelists (L-R): Julz McCusker Sr. Manager HR Business Partner | Uber Julz has over 20 years HR experience and strives to help people rise to their full potential, set boundaries and learn the secrets to communicating. Annie Chen Sr. Director Consumer Business | Trend Micro Inc. Annie has 20 + years of software industry experience, ranging from product marketing, online marketing, e-commerce operation, to business management. Annie cares deeply about diversity and inclusion and is part of Trend Micro's "Trending Women" initiative, which is designed to help women enter and grow in the world of cybersecurity. Shawnté Spears Sr. Development Officer managing affordable housing | City of San José's Housing Department Shawnté has over 16 years of Financial and C
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