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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
05 - Nov
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Where:Hellyer County Park, Downtown, San Jose, California, United States, 95196
Maximize your profits and provide world-class service by taking control of every step of the client experience. Your accounting business trades on reputation. An outstanding reputation means enduring client relationships, repeat business, referrals and above all, bottom line growth. But one of the biggest challenges accountants face is maintaining this reputation when so many variables are seemingly out of their control. How do you deliver work on time when the client is being the roadblock? Where should you price your services? How do you avoid staff wasting time on low-value tasks? What do your clients care about most? Join global award-winning experts from GoProposal, The Profitable Firm and Karbon for this exclusive hands-on session. You'll learn how to take control from the very first touch so you and your clients enjoy a painless experience and maximized value. In three hours, you'll learn: The most common challenges firms around the world face due to a lack of control The mindset required to be an Authoritative Accountant How to use your marketing to establish authority before the client even signs up How to unlock the full value of a client relationship and command the fees you're really worth How to improve your ongoing client experience with fewer resources, through automation, smarter workflows and process optimization Most importantly, each attendee will leave with a tailored, one-page action plan to take control of their client experience and start boosting their revenue immediately. To ensure a hands-on and intimate learning experience, seats are strictly limited. Register now to avoid disappointment. Agenda 10-mins: Reputation matters (Ian Vacin, Karbon) The most common challenges firms around the world face due to a lack of control Introducing your one-page action plan 20-mins: The mindset required to be an Authoritative Accountant (James Ashford, GoProposal) The 2 voices we're always listening to Why the ‘Comfort zone' is not actually comfortable Ho
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