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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
23 - Sep
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Where:Mountain View, Mountain View,, Santa Clara County, California, United States, 94039
Innovation, diversity, transformation: positive ideas to shape a positive world.\ \ An online TEDx event put on by volunteers to spread good ideas and model the innovation and diversity that make Silicon Valley thrive. From inside high tech companies and organizations, our speakers will share ideas that they have and projects they\'re working on that have grown out of the heart of technology. The heart of technology includes both innovative technology shaping the course of the world and using technology with care to make a difference in the world.\ \ The speaker lineup includes:\ \ 1. Jin Zhang, Facebook Director of Engineering - How to Evolve From Moore\'s Law\ \ 2. Shilpa Gulati, Waymo Head of Behavior Prediction - How autonomously driven vehicles become experienced drivers\ \ 3. Scott Shute, LinkedIn Head of Mindfulness and Compassion - It\'s Time to Change Work For Good\ \ 4. Uttam Tripathi, Google Head of Global Programs, Developer Relations Ecosystem - Building Self-sustaining and inclusive Digital Communities - To scale globally, think locally!!\ \ 5. Stephanie Wu, Assistant Principal Cellist - Berkeley Symphony - Global Marketing Lead at Coursera - Finding Work Life Harmony and cello performance\ \ 6. Shane Farritor, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Innovation and Invention on the Silicone Prairie\ \ 7. TL Campbell, Program Management Lead at Facebook - Differences Build Togetherness\ \ 8. Mark Antonson, Director, Design Studio, Jeffrey Raikes School of Computer Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - A New Direction for Higher Education\ \ 9. Irene Thomas, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Sailpoint, Ex-Googler - Social Impact as Habit: Hybrid Tech-Local Activism\ \ 10. Mary Vincent, Manager Advanced AI Solutions at Lockheed Martin Space - Space Technologies Improving Life on Earth\ \ 11. Karissa Bettendorf, Artist - An Artist\'s Rendition of Innovation\ \ $20.\ \
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