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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
25 - Mar
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Where:Spiritual Healing, 2562 scanlan place, Santa Clara, California, United States, 95050
Are you ready to take the leap into your new life? All it takes is a decision. If you have made that decision, I am inviting you to join me on a journey where you will be able to find your inner guide who will always be there to advice, protect, and heal you on the Greatest Journey we call life.I will guide you during our journey, so don't worry you will know what to do. No experience in meditation is necessary. As part of my service, I will perform a healing session (either soul retrieval or extractions) with 1 person. Others are encouraged to participate by holding the space. I am humbly asking participants not to break the circle and stay till the work is done and circle is closed.This event is free and donations are greatly appreciated. To participate, please be sober and avoid hearty meals on the day of the event. The event is not kid friendly, e.i. kids will not be able to participate in the circle. However, do reach out to me if you don't have babysitting arrangements. I may be able to accommodate 1-2 kids if, and only if, they can play independently and will not disturb the circle. If there are more than 3 kids coming, I might be able to have a babysitter come in for a fee. Adult - $0.00
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