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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
01 - Nov
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Where:Techcode, 385 Moffett Park Drive, Sunnyvale, California, United States
The above picture from a prior Pitch Global event features the following Silicon Valley legends (from left), Vish Mishra (Clearstone VC and longterm President of TIECON); Roger Royse, Owner of large Tech Law Firm, Royse Law; Bill Sautter (Galaxy VC and first US employee of Business Objects which SAP acquired for $ 8 b), Roger King (Founder Bay Angels).. Watch this amazing video on How to connect with Silicon Valley Funding& Mindset through our events esp the beginning where the Founder of GardenTech Co from London speaks about how he found our event before coming to silicon valley, became a sponsor and pitched with our investors one of whom. Nex3/Sway Ventures—which has invested in over 10 of our startups like Ootify, Preminder, Meet Caregivers, The Beauty Marketplace etc—made a funding offer. Agenda: 5.45-6.15 pm: Registration& Networking 6.15--6.30: keynote/ opening remarks 6.30—7.30 pm. Pitch to Roomful of Investors. 7.30- 8:00 pm. Mentoring & More Networking EVENT DESCRIPTION : About this event: We invite some featured investors and usually 10 to 15 investors from our Network of Networks show up. Another growing trend is that we see foreign investors (largely chinese and some Indian) who show up in our events looking for startups to invest in. We will email you more details once you sign up to Pitch. Some other influential audience you will meet: You will also connect with Mentors, Media people, potential customers and other influential people. For instance, Founder of Food Safety startup Phenium not only got funding offer at our event from Plug&Play, he also connected with someone who connected him with CEO of leading cruise line which became their customer. Another Founder connected with Emmy Winner Victoria Sanchez De Alba(with whom we co-hosted Sr Editor of Techcrunch) at out event which led to her to getting coverage by USA Today. Govt and other non-traditional sources of funding: Cos in our network which has raised solid fundin
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