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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
14 - Dec
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Where:Downtown Sunnyvale, Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale, California, United States, 94086
Whip your Sketch skills into shape! Sketch is a Mac-based design tool that is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and XD. It is fast, easy to use, and one of the most commonly requested tools in UX design job postings. In this one-day, hands-on class you will: Get a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and ways of thinking that you need to create wireframes and mockups effectively Work through a hands-on project to touch all the features that makes Sketch so popular with designers Build a clickable prototype in InVision Complete a series of exercises to help you work faster Gain an overview of advanced features that you might want to explore further This class is for you if you want to get started in Sketch right now, are working in Sketch, but not using it to full advantage, or if you just want to add Sketch to your toolbox. Class Dates & Discounts The next sessions are scheduled for Oct 19 ($35 early bird discount through Sep 30, Code: EarlyBird) Nov 23  ($35 early bird discount through Oct 31, Code: EarlyBird) Dec 14  ($35 early bird discount through Nov 25, Code: EarlyBird) 20% discount for current college and high school students. Contact Susanne Jul for discount code. Curriculum Features covered by hands-on activities Core concepts and user interface Simple and Nested Symbols Sample Data Native prototyping Prototyping in InVision Exporting assets Text and Layer Styles Keyboard shortcuts Topics covered in discussion File organization best practices Rulers, Guides, and Grids Libraries and Templates Plugins and Scripting Instructor The instructor, Susanne Jul, PhD, is principal of Amaryllis Consulting, LLC. After 25 years in UX research and design, she knows the importance of understanding fundamental concepts, and the value of producing visual artifacts quickly. She has extensive teaching experience in workshop, corporate, and university settings. The same class is offered through General Assembly in San Francisco. This course has helped m
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