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Mountain View, California 55 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, California 94043
30 - Sep
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Where:Mission2Mars.Academy, 101 Jefferson Drive, Usa, California, United States
This program is for groups only. If you are planning a tour for your group - we would love to be your hosts and show you around Silicon Valley Tech Landscape.   Visiting Silicon Valley Innovative Ecosystem is a transformative experience for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and their teams. Every year over 55 million business travellers come to Silicon Valley to explore its innovation scene, do technology scouting, learn about disruptive trends, get best practices of innovation from the legendary tech companies and unicorn startups - to decode the secret sause of innovation and scale innovation in their companies and business industries.  When time is limited and you put a significant effort to plan and organize your trip to Silicon Valley, you want to take the most of your visit, and can't afford wasting time on wrong choices. Mission2Mars Academy is here to help you navigate your journey in Silicon Valley, to meet your potential partners,  connect with the right players of this innovative ecosystem, get a customized expertise and practical insights that can be applied to your specific industry and business goals. By ordering a custom built tour from Mission2Mars.Academy you are maximizing the value of your time in Silicon Valley and get a guranteed relevant and impactful result of all your meetings / company visits / workshops / seminars.  You can book a program for any number of days (1-10), any number of people in your team,  focused on specific topic / industry / technology that you choose.  Your program can include a variety of formats:  Startup Bootcamps Startup Pitch Events  Demo Days  Executive Briefings  Practical Workshops Though Leadership Events  Networking Receptions  Company Visits  Lectures and Seminars  Guided Tours  Technology Tryouts etc etc  The list of companies you can visit with Mission2Mars.Academy Custom tour can include:  SILICON VALLEY TECH GIANTS:  Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla Factory, Linkedin, Twitter, IBM, Visa, HP,  Ebay,
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